labyrinth-1233365-640x480“Contemplative leadership combines the best of spiritual grounding and the techniques of transition and I am convinced that this is what our churches and all people need at this time.”


labyrinth-1233365-640x480“I have come to the Program in the autumn of my life and it amazes me how much I continue to learn about myself, my relationships with others and the world and particularly my relationship with God.”

A Participant

labyrinth-1233365-640x480“I appreciated having a non-theist in our group. In her unique way, she called us to think and act bigger than our Christian traditions and in doing so we shared so many common values.”


labyrinth-1233365-640x480“The program help to utterly transform my life. It was a major part of the process of my opening, healing and trusting. I now feel  grounded and ready, with the courage to go into the world with just a small backpack full of spiritual essentials. Life is an adventurous journey.”