We offer two programs:

Personal Spiritual Deepening: Noticing the Sacred in Everyday Living
Next Intake:  Applications may be submitted until June 15, 2017.
The program will take place over 5 weekends, beginning September 14th, 2017.
Location:  Tatamagouche Centre, NS.
Program Dates:

  • September 14 – 17, 2017 (Thursday 3 pm to Sunday 4 pm)
    Program Focus:  Awakening to the Spiritual Journey
  • November 17 – 19, 2017 (Friday 3 pm to Sunday 4 pm)
    Program Focus:  Contemplative Practices for Everyday Living
  • February 9 – 11, 2018  (Friday 3:00 pm to Sunday 1 pm)
    Program Focus:  Practicing Retreat and Holding Silence
  • April 13 – 15, 2018 (Friday 3 pm to Sunday 4 pm)
    Program Focus:  Discerning Spirit
  • June 1 – 3, 2018  (Friday 3 pm to Sunday 4 pm)
    Program Focus:  Contemplative Leading in the World

Our application deadline is June 15, 2017.  Please see below for the Application process and Fee Schedule.

Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation Training
Next In-take: June 3-8 2019
Location:  Tatamagouche Centre, NS.

Contemplative Pathways is dedicated to providing programs and creating community to hold space for the sacred as it informs our everyday living.

The design of the Contemplative Pathways Programs (formerly the Atlantic Jubilee Program) owes a great deal to the thorough and developmental work of the Shalem Institute of Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C.  This institute has done much to bring the ancient art of spiritual direction and guidance into the twenty-first century, and also to develop modern ways to authentically cultivate this gift and calling in people. If you wish to know more about this pioneering institution and its programs you can check out their website at

Although Contemplative Pathways is modeled on the Shalem experience, it is not a Shalem program.

Contemplative Pathways programs seek to develop:

  • Contemplative Presence:  a prayerful openness and loving responsiveness to the movements and mystery of God/Sacred.  This presence is an all-encompassing way of being with oneself and the world that embraces all thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Contemplative Leading:  brings contemplative presence into the specific situations of our ordinary lives whether in relationships, groups, or organizations.  Contemplative leading has the explicit intent of honouring and empowering others to listen deeply for God/Spirit’s movement, thus enabling group decisions and action to unfold through this collective deep listening.
  • Spiritual Guidance Formation Training:  learning the process of accompanying another on his/her spiritual journey, listening to that person’s life story with an ear for the movement of the Spirit, and supporting the other to find their own basic experience, to trust it, and to work with it.

Educational Philosophy And Style

IMG_1092This program is planned and led with the belief that we learn best from experience and from reflection on that experience. We will stay as close as possible to our lived experience of God, however we name or image God, and the lived experience of others. We will sharpen our reflection on that experience for the sake of ever-new understanding and action in both individual and social dimensions.

Through study, reading and reflective writing, we will consider the works of others throughout the centuries and current times who have reflected on the human spiritual journey. Time will be given for the purpose of integrating that wisdom with our own understanding and practice.

Participants are expected as adult learners to take responsibility for their own learning and to become more clear with the assistance of spirit and each other about what needs to happen in the deepening of their own journey, their life in the world, and their sense of calling to the work of spiritual guidance and contemplative leading.

The human spiritual journey has an inner depth and individual dimension, as well as an outer social, and community dimension…one seamless whole. This program seeks to take the whole of the human spiritual journey seriously, both in understanding and in practice.

Personal Spiritual Deepening: Noticing the Sacred in Everyday Living
Next Intake: Application deadline is June 15, 2017.  Application process and Fee Schedule is listed below.

Note:  This program is the pre-requisite to the Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation program

  • Do you have a desire to move more deeply into authentic relationship with God in all of life
  • Do you have an interest in a wider understanding of the human spiritual journey that grows out of that relationship?
  • Are you attracted to the contemplative way of presence and response to God as a way to engage that journey more intentionally?

If you have answered “yes”, then we invite you to join others like you to a year of paying attention to your spiritual life.

Areas of study and exploration include the human spiritual journey, prayer and contemplative practice, spiritual discernment, earth awareness, sacred activism and contemplative living and leading in the world.

The program begins with reading on your own to prepare for the initial residency (Thursday-Sunday), followed by four additional weekend residencies, one of which is a Silent Retreat.

Life and Work at Home

  • Personal Spiritual Practice starting from where you are in your spiritual practice and understanding (prayer, meditation, contemplation).
  • Monthly participation in a Spiritual Journey Group
  • Receiving Spiritual Guidance with a guide of your own choosing at least once a month during your Program.
  • Exploration of a substantial Reading List organized around the major themes. You can add other readings you discover for yourself related to these themes. Reading will be for awareness, understanding and enjoyment.
  • Preparation of Reflection Papers
  • One final Integrative Paper to integrate your experience and learning, submitted at the end of your program.
  • Personal Journal keeping

A Certificate of Completion is presented to participants who satisfactorily complete the measurable objectives of the program.

Please click here for Application form and Information.

Please submit Applications to our Registrar at:
Contemplative Pathways Registrar
20 Burns Lane
Moncton, NB  E1E 0A5

Please click here for Bursary Form.

Please click here for the Fee Schedule.


 Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation:
Next In-take:  June 3-8 2019

Note:  The completion of Personal Spiritual Deepening is a pre-requisite in order to register for the Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation Program.

  • Do you have some experience in receiving and giving spiritual guidance?Note:  The completion of Personal Spiritual Deepening is a pre-requisite in order to register for the Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation program
  • Have you found yourself in a group where you have listened intently for Spirit’s movement and have encouraged others to remain open to its own emerging collective wisdom?
  • Do you have a sense of giftedness and calling to contemplative leading or offering spiritual guidance?
  • Have you found yourself sought out for your way of being fully present and engaged in work that seeks to make a positive difference? 
  • Have you found yourself informally sought out by others for spiritual guidance?

empty-chairs-and-sunset-1468289-1278x856If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions, we invite you to consider joining a contemplative learning community to explore your calling to this ministry.

Contemplative Pathways has expanded its program of formation training in formal and informal spiritual guidance to include the broader exploration of contemplative leading.  The program will deepen one’s understanding of contemplative leading as a way of bringing contemplative presence alive in one’s work, social contexts and personal relationships.

Through formation training in spiritual accompaniment, participants will sharpen their practice of offering the gifts of silence, deep listening, and evocative questioning to create safe and welcoming spaces that empower themselves and others to discern the unfolding of Spirit’s ‘newness’, with the intent of enabling individual/group decisions and action to emerge.  completion of the first program, Personal Spiritual Deepening:  Noticing the Sacred in Everyday Living is a prerequisite.

The Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation program will include two residential retreat intensives at Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

The at home study component of the program includes:

  • reading from an extensive reading list
  • receiving spiritual guidance
  • offering spiritual guidance to at least two others, or one individual and a spiritual journey group; or, offering spiritual leading/leadership in at least two different contexts over a period of time
  • participating in peer supervision
  • writing reflection papers on the theme areas of the program
  • writing a final integration paper

Major Program Themes:

In both programs, the major themes explored include:

1. The Human Spiritual Journey, the Human Situation and Condition

  • spiritual growth, formation and development: how it happens and how we assist or hinder it in ourselves and others
  • learning and growing spiritually
  • brokenness and healing, captivity and freedom (of individuals and society), and the individual and community nature of the journey
  • our own stories and the larger story
  • gender, sexuality and family in the spiritual journey
  • the human spiritual journey and our planetary home
  • justice, peace and compassion for the human experience
  • reflection on theology and spirituality

2.  Spiritual Practice: Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation and Relationship with God in Ordinary Life

  • forms, practices and experience of prayer, modern and ancient, in different spiritual traditions, and in the lives of great spiritual leaders
  • praying through body, mind and emotions
  • praying in solitude and in engagement with everyday life
  • praying in the “absence” of God, and in the practice of the “presence” of God, becoming more clear on the intent of spiritual practice in your spiritual tradition, and in your own experience
  • prayer as an opening to, and an immediate given-ness to, God in the current moments of ordinary life
  • praying for others, individually and socially (intercessory prayer)
  • practice of retreat and sabbath

3. Discernment

  • noticing, valuing and responding to who we are in God and the movements of God in everyday human life, individually and socially
  • recognizing more clearly and responding more truly to what is of God, and moving away from or confronting what is not, and how do we tell the difference

4. Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance

  • bringing contemplative presence alive in one’s work, social contexts and personal relationships
  • nurturing contemplative presence as a loving response to one’s sense of God’s prayer for the world and its on-going evolution

In Personal Spiritual Deepening:  Noticing the Sacred in Everyday Life the Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance portion of the program focuses on:

  • spiritual guidance as spiritual friendship, companionship, and direction in one-on-one contexts and in small groups
  • finding a spiritual guide
  • what to look for and expect in spiritual guidance, spiritual guidance, both offered one-on-one and in small groups

In Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation, this portion of the program focuses on:

  • spiritual guidance formation as a specific ministry and expression of contemplative leading
  • what to look for and expect in one-on-one and small group spiritual guidance