Personal Spiritual Deepening Program

Personal Spiritual Deepening: Noticing the Sacred in Everyday Living
Next Intake:  TBA.

Note:  This program is the pre-requisite to the Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation program

  • Do you have a desire to move more deeply into authentic relationship with God in all of life
  • Do you have an interest in a wider understanding of the human spiritual journey that grows out of that relationship?
  • Are you attracted to the contemplative way of presence and response to God as a way to engage that journey more intentionally?

If you have answered “yes”, then we invite you to join others like you to a year of paying attention to your spiritual life.

Areas of study and exploration include the human spiritual journey, prayer and contemplative practice, spiritual discernment, earth awareness, sacred activism and contemplative living and leading in the world.

The program begins with reading on your own to prepare for the initial residency, followed by four additional weekend residencies, one of which is a Silent Retreat.

Life and Work at Home

  • Personal Spiritual Practice starting from where you are in your spiritual practice and understanding (prayer, meditation, contemplation).
  • Monthly participation in a Spiritual Journey Group
  • Receiving Spiritual Guidance with a guide of your own choosing at least once a month during your Program.
  • Exploration of a substantial Reading List organized around the major themes. You can add other readings you discover for yourself related to these themes. Reading will be for awareness, understanding and enjoyment.
  • Preparation of Reflection Papers
  • One final Integrative Paper to integrate your experience and learning, submitted at the end of your program.
  • Personal Journal keeping

A Certificate of Completion is presented to participants who satisfactorily complete the measurable objectives of the program.

Residencies are focused on the following areas of study:

1. Awakening to the Spiritual Journey

  • spiritual growth, formation and development: how it happens and how we assist or hinder it in ourselves and others
  • learning and growing spiritually
  • brokenness and healing, captivity and freedom (of individuals and society), and the individual and community nature of the journey
  • our own stories and the larger story
  • gender, sexuality and family in the spiritual journey
  • the human spiritual journey and our planetary home
  • justice, peace and compassion for the human experience
  • reflection on theology and spirituality

2.  Contemplative Practices for Everyday Living

  • forms, practices and experience of prayer, modern and ancient, in different spiritual traditions, and in the lives of great spiritual leaders
  • praying through body, mind and emotions
  • praying in solitude and in engagement with everyday life
  • praying in the “absence” of God, and in the practice of the “presence” of God, becoming more clear on the intent of spiritual practice in your spiritual tradition, and in your own experience
  • prayer as an opening to, and an immediate given-ness to, God in the current moments of ordinary life
  • praying for others, individually and socially (intercessory prayer)
  • practice of retreat and sabbath

3.  Practicing Retreat and Holding Silence

  • offer participants an authentic experience of retreat and holding silence
  • offer supportive resources including spiritual guidance to enrich the retreat experience
  • offer a means of reflecting on their insights about the spiritual practice of retreat.

4. Discerning Spirit

  • noticing, valuing and responding to who we are in God and the movements of God in everyday human life, individually and socially
  • recognizing more clearly and responding more truly to what is of God, and moving away from or confronting what is not, and how do we tell the difference

5. Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance

  • bringing contemplative presence alive in one’s work, social contexts and personal relationships
  • nurturing contemplative presence as a loving response to one’s sense of God’s prayer for the world and its on-going evolution
  • spiritual guidance as spiritual friendship, companionship, and direction in one-on-one contexts and in small groups
  • finding a spiritual guide
  • what to look for and expect in spiritual guidance, both offered one-on-one and in small groups

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Contemplative Pathways Registrar
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Moncton, NB  E1E 0A5


We do have a modest Bursary Fund for this program.  If you would like to be considered for a Bursary, please complete and submit the following form to our Registrar:

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