Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation

Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation:
Next In-take:  June 3-8 2019

Note:  The pre-requisite for this program is completion of the Contemplative Pathways program, Personal Spiritual Deepening, or Track 1 of the former Atlantic Jubilee Program, or another spirituality program deemed as equivalent by the CP Administration.

  • Do you have some experience in receiving and giving spiritual guidance?
  • Have you found yourself in a group where you have listened intently for Spirit’s movement and have encouraged others to remain open to its own emerging collective wisdom?
  • Do you have a sense of giftedness and calling to contemplative leading or offering spiritual guidance?
  • Have you found yourself sought out for your way of being fully present and engaged in work that seeks to make a positive difference? 
  • Have you found yourself informally sought out by others for spiritual guidance?

empty-chairs-and-sunset-1468289-1278x856If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions, we invite you to consider joining a contemplative learning community to explore your calling to this ministry.

Contemplative Pathways has expanded its program of formation training in formal and informal spiritual guidance to include the broader exploration of contemplative leading.  The program will deepen one’s understanding of contemplative leading as a way of bringing contemplative presence alive in one’s work, social contexts and personal relationships.

Through formation training in spiritual accompaniment, participants will sharpen their practice of offering the gifts of silence, deep listening, and evocative questioning to create safe and welcoming spaces that empower themselves and others to discern the unfolding of Spirit’s ‘newness’, with the intent of enabling individual/group decisions and action to emerge.  (Completion of the first program, Personal Spiritual Deepening:  Noticing the Sacred in Everyday Living, or an equivalent program is a prerequisite.)

The Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance Formation program will include two residential retreat intensives at Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

Dates of Residencies:  June 3-8, 2019, and June 8-13, 2020

The at home study component of the program includes:

  • reading from an extensive reading list
  • receiving spiritual guidance
  • offering spiritual guidance to at least two others, or one individual and a spiritual journey group; or, offering spiritual leading/leadership in at least two different contexts over a period of time
  • participating in peer supervision
  • writing reflection papers on the theme areas of the program
  • writing a final integration paper

Certificate of Completion is presented to participants who satisfactorily complete the measurable objectives of the program.

Residencies are focused on the following areas of study:

1. The Spiritual Journey in Relationship:  The Interconnected Web of Life

  • To demonstrate an understanding of our interconnectedness and interdependence on all life forms that share our planet
  • To value our spiritual journey as grounded in an openly creative, unconditionally loving God who is active in human life, individually and socially
  • To interpret our spiritual journey through the lens of our relationships, social contexts, our places of work/volunteering, and in relation to the wider world
  • To examine where we are already engaged in contemplative leading and/or informal spiritual companionship in our lives

2.  Practices for Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance

  • To use ways of supporting and deepening one’s practice of contemplative leading and/or informal spiritual guidance:  prayer, spiritual direction, evocative questions, inviting silence
  • To practice ways of holding space for the movement of Spirit allowing others to discover and voice their own deep inner wisdom
  • To demonstrate capacity to listen and respond to the movement of the sacred when accompanying or being accompanied by others

3. Spirit of Discernment in Contemplative Leading and Spiritual Guidance

  • To demonstrate faithfulness to the on-going nature of discernment
  • To discern the movements of individuals, groups, and communities toward or away from God
  • To discern how to more fully align one’s personal sense of contemplative presence and leading in the world as a loving response to one’s sense of God’s prayer for the world and its on-going transformation/evolution
  • To discern ways one’s spiritual practices, including spiritual guidance, support and deepen one’s practice of contemplative leading

4. Living the Contemplative Path

  • To develop awareness of the way creativity, compassion and collaboration come alive when leading contemplatively
  • To practice bringing contemplative presence into our relationships, groups, and organizations so that our group decisions unfold through collective deep listening
  • To demonstrate capacity for being present to the presence of God in the current moment, whether that is attentive to God in the silence or in the world (Active Engagement)
  • To determine one’s deepest calling to living contemplatively and how it gifts one’s life and the world.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the process, nature and function of spiritual accompaniment

To submit an application form:

The Fee Schedule for this program can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Fee Schedule

Please submit Applications along with your $50 non-refundable application fee to our Registrar at:
Contemplative Pathways Registrar
20 Burns Lane
Moncton, NB  E1E 0A5


We do have a modest Bursary Fund for this program.  If you would like to be considered for a Bursary, please complete and submit the following form to our Registrar:

Please click here for Bursary Form.