The Last Strand of Lights

I can’t seem to bring myself to put away that last strand of lights…it encircles the candle on the coffee table…I turn it on first thing in the morning when I come into the dimness of the living room to enjoy that first precious cup of coffee that begins my day. Starring into the little LED string of “dots” holds me, offers me comfort somehow, brings me to a sense of well being. One little strand of lights… $1.99 + 3 AA batteries … economically speaking, a very cost effective spiritual outcome, wouldn’t you agree? (Smile)

But seriously, what is it about those lights that opens me, or helps to open me to the peace and presence of God, the sense of well being that I feel, just sitting there, sipping coffee, and starring into the brightness of those sweet little dots of light. I’m pondering that.

Do they call out to a shadow of a flame in me? Do they offer warmth to a place where I am feeling “frozen”? Where does their stream of light-energy flow? Am I breathing it in deeply, or am I “shallow breathing”? Where does its path invite me? As I return, morning after morning, will this circle of lights get me there…lead me there?

Will I know when the time is right to finally take the batteries out, wind the string carefully around a piece of cardboard, and tuck them away until next Advent?

I trust I will.


2 thoughts on “The Last Strand of Lights

  1. I didn’t want to take my tree down because I loved putting the lights on in the morning, warm and welcoming. But I did take it down, spurred on by the knowledge that I have to undecorate the church this week and not wanting to do it all at once. And also I have to drive my Christmas totes across the yard to the shed and wanted to get that done before more snow came. What if….? What if I had left it up? What is it in my psyche that pushes me to do “the right thing”? What would happen if I left it up for awhile, to bring me light in the dark mornings to come? These are the questions your post has caused me to ponder, Marilyn. Thank you for this. I think I need to get myself a little string of lights… ❤


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