The Power of Pause: Becoming More by Doing Less

The Power of Pause, written by Terry Hersey, is a gentle book of reflections that also has the power to challenge. Each short reflection is followed by an inspirational quote – sometimes scripture, sometimes not – and then a suggestion for “A powerful Pause for the Days Ahead”.

There are 52 reflections arranged by seasons only because many people like to follow the seasons in their own reflecting.  But the book is meant to be used as each person finds most helpful, not according to any set of rules.

Each reflection speaks to ordinary everyday life and draws from ordinary life, often Terry Hersey’s own experience, but not always.

I found myself breathing easier and deeper after reading and pondering a reflection, pausing to “let [my]soul catch up with [my] body”, as the blurb on the back cover says.

I would gladly recommend this book as a simple yet thoughtful book on which to base a short retreat.

Alice Rutherford

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