Grounded: Finding God in the World – A Spiritual Revolution

Some of you may have encountered Dorothy Butler Bass’s writing, but in spite of their very similar names, Diana Butler Bass has a very different style which appealed strongly to me. She is a storyteller, often using stories from her own life to open up the reader’s understanding of what she’s trying to say.

Her fundamental question is “Where is God?”   Instead of asking the usual and traditional fact-seeking questions of  “what” and “who”, and accepting the answers as authoritative, Diana Butler Bass encourages us to ask the experiential and open-ended questions of “where” and “how”.

She says, “To relocate God is to reground our lives.”

Her theology is open-minded and modern.  In a sense, this book is a spiritual memoir within which the author re-visions the traditional understandings of God.  “This world, not heaven, is the sacred stage of our times,” she reminds us.

Because Diana Butler Bass opens her heart to us even as she is explaining a theological concept, and grounds her explanations in life experience, I found this book fascinating, and did a lot of underlining!

Alice Rutherford

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