Why Contemplative Pathways?

Why Contemplative Pathways?

Human life is by nature a spiritual journey from birth to death. We are challenged by God throughout life to join in the creative possibilities of our lives and times. We are invited by God to be co-creative with God in the future of ourselves, the human race, and the earth community. This requires of us a willingness to open, deepen, and be responsive to God in the present moment.

This is a simple invitation and can be a simple response. It is not easy to do, however, especially on one’s own. There is much in us and between us which resists the creative energy at the heart of life and creation. We can cause many problems for ourselves, and difficulties for others and the planet, to the degree we attempt to make this journey alone, in our own self-centeredness. This needs to be a journey made in community, along with God and others in our planetary home.

We need each other to help us be and act more authentically, and we need spiritual practices, routines of reverence, to help us remember what we want to be about, and to have the courage to persist in it.


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