Leadership Team

BETHE BENJAMIN CAMERON is an ordained minister in the the United Church of Canada.  She lives her life prepared to be spontaneous. She has a passion for finding ways for social service providers and faith communities to collaborate.  Bethe has a gift for accompanying others on their spiritual journeys and she is known for sharing her creative and innovative ways of engaging the spirit.


FAY CAMERON has many years experience supporting not-for-profit organizations with administration and bookkeeping services.  Fay is the Registrar/Bookkeeper for Contemplative Pathways.



CHARLOTTE CAMPBELL is passionate about her love of the earth, is committed to living more gently on it, and is dedicated to seeking reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and with the land we share.  She has been offering individual and group spiritual accompaniment for over 10 years. Charlotte is a United Church layperson living at beautiful Lake George, New Brunswick.


LINDA FOY is a facilitator and social justice advocate. As a Quaker, she tries to see ‘that of God’ in everyone and in all of creation.


KATHY ROY accompanies others on the spiritual journey as a Life Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Spiritual Guide.  Kathy is ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister with a keen interest in studying the mystical heart of the world’s faith traditions.


SHAWN REDDEN is an ordained minister with the United Church of Canada.  She has a passion and gift for program development and leads Godly Play training events in the Maritimes.


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SUSAN BUTLER-JONES loves the adventure of the spiritual journey, and sharing that journey with others. A United Church minister, educator and spiritual director, Susan co-founded and co-ordinated the Prairie Jubilee Program for Spiritual Direction for 10 years before moving east. She lives in Gatineau, QC.


Contemplative Pathways Senior Associates:

Since completing the program in 1998, Marilyn has felt herself called to an ever-deepening life of prayer and contemplative living. She considers it a great privilege to accompany others as they explore their own spiritual truth. A United Church layperson, Marilyn lives in Sackville, NB.


Attachment-1DON MACDOUGALL  (founder of Contemplative Pathways, formerly called the Atlantic Jubilee Program in Spiritual Deepening and Spiritual Guidance) is a facilitator and teacher, grounded in spiritual formation and guidance in the contemplative tradition, and is a retired United Church minister.


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