Core Values

Core Values

  • We are rooted in the Christian tradition and appreciative and open to other spiritual traditions.
  • We value the gifts of regular spiritual practice to enable contemplative presence.
  • We are rooted in Contemplative Spirituality.  We value creative and traditional ways of following the contemplative pathways which express our attempt to be open, available and responsive to the Sacred in every moment/experience.
  • We recognize and celebrate the fact that community is an essential aspect of our program both in terms of learning and support.  We promote the leadership community, the participant community and the community of the whole.
  • We value the diversity of experience and spiritual traditions participants already have with God.
  • We value spiritual guidance as a way of assisting us to notice and respond to God’s presence in our lives.
  • We recognize the Sacred as active and present in all of life, we live relationship with God in the real circumstances of our lives to bring love, peace and justice into the world.
  • We value the transformative power of contemplative education and learning. We seek to ground learning from individual and collective experience, using the Tatamagouche model, a praxis mode of education that begins with human experience, identifies key features, analyzes and generalizes in order to inform new understanding that shapes more just and loving action in the world.



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